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MacroMarine 5®

This proprietary complex combines a host of natural marine and botanical extracts that based on their unique quality and quantity are introduced into the skin for a more effective absorption and increased nourishing benefits.

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Feed Your Skin

See why what you eat is as important to your skin as what you put on it topically.

Eat Healthy

Skin Health Lifestyle

Develop long term skin health through healing, nourishment and protection from the inside out.

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Simplify Your Life

6 Minutes. 6 Products. 1 Brush.™

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Protect Our Planet

At Geri G Beauty, we believe in protecting people, animals and the environment.  Our founder has worked tirelessly through the product development process to ensure our products have the most positive impact on our planet. Environmental stewardship impacts every decision we make. 

Our Commitments

Conscious packaging

 Less is more. - We’ve eliminated boxes and any unnecessary packing materials to reduce waste by eliminating unnecessary packaging. If it’s something you’ll have to throw away, you won’t find it with our product.

Sustainable materials

We prefer to use ingredients and materials that are produced in a sustainable way and avoid those that aren’t

Decrease consumption

We’ve created one of a kind, multi-purpose products that do more for you and require fewer products purchased. A testament to this is Skin Reboot, a patented, innovative product that is used for moisturizer, primer, night cream and mixer all in one.

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In The Know with Geri G.

Cruelty Free Promise

Cruelty Free Promise

Our products are not tested on animals. Only humans! All of our products are free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. We are a member of ICMAD and NCEA.

End Slavery TN

End Slavery TN

Geri G is committed to healing your skin and body. That's why we are thrilled to be partners with End Slavery TN to collectively work towards healing human trafficking survivors. Join us on the journey of healing.

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