GERI G.® Beauty's Philosophy

Our Beauty Philosophy


GERI G.® Beauty philosophy is Transceutical®. Change through Healing.

We believe in kindness, goodness and truth from within. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put into your body.

GERI G. only formulates products that are kind, good and truthful in their abilities to change how you look and feel about you! Your reflection is your testimonial. Your skin tells your story. What story do you want your skin to tell?

Our founder believes that healing the skin both topically and internally leads to correcting symptoms both internally and externally, which is called Cellular Beauty-supplying the skin and body with the right topical and internal supplementation to help  heal and prevent skin issues.

We don’t all have the same skin but we all have the same right to our best skin possible.  It is possible with GERI G., it’s what we do with passion. We change lives one skin at a time!

Our commitment to quality is extended to where we source our ingredients and manufacture our products. All GERI G. products are proudly made and packaged in the USA.

We use recycled and recyclable materials. But what makes our containers stand apart from all the rest is that we believe “airless matters” and it should to you too. Airless pumps prevent air from getting into a formula once it is filled and prevents cross contamination as well. Both are crucial for skin health but also for the integrity of your purchased skincare and cosmetics.

Whatever the mind can see the body can achieve.®