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EXOE Exosome Rejuvenation Treatment

EXOE Exosome Rejuvenation Treatment

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EXOE's Exosome Rejuvenation Treatment utilizes patented stem cell technology to reverse cell degradation and restore youthfulness without needles or pain. Proprietary stem cell filtering helps increase the skin's ability to rejuvenate, giving you long-lasting, healthy results.

*15,000 Billion exosomes and 2,000 active system stem cell secretory factors per treatment.  

*20X more cell communicators versus other stem cell exosmoes.  

*Plant based stem cells that reduce inflammation.

*Speeds Recovery after CrystalFrax Radio Frequency and any Intensive treament

*Reverses intrinsic skin aging by 2 Years!

INCLUDES 5 day DETOX and REPAIR at home Ampoules for pre and post treatment  care, 

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Customer Reviews

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Age defying

Just an amazing result immediately & then 2 days later even better. I truly believe this is a healthy alternative to skincare with terrific results.
I traveled from the Caribbean to experience it and now will go to Geri whenever she is in Miami!
Love the fact that it also tightens the body!