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Love everything about this!

It’s a treatment, it’s a night moisturizer, it’s a healer.
I use Overnight Success before I get on a plane to make sure my skin is hydrated. It’s remarkable.

Eat Your Greens

The Essential Daily Greens tastes very good, dissolves easily in water, and is so convenient when you just didn't have time to prepare that salad. I love it.

Essential Muscle-Renew
Kimberly Abdallah
Essential Muscle-Renew is a must do

Recovery becomes more important and necessary as you age. The essential Muscle-Renew is the only product that actually works for me. I love it!

Daily Greens

Actually have a great taste! Besides tasting good, super healthy! Nice pick me up drink in the afternoon! I’m impressed!!


Love this product! Color so natural looking and just feel good on the lips! Definitely will be a regular make up necessitie.

Game Changer

The Essential Daily Meal is so delicious, I love the taste, convenience and how it truly does replace a meal. It keeps me feeling full longer. It's better than any other product I've tried. That, along with the Essential Daily Greens and the Essential Muscle-Renew all fit perfectly into my lifestyle, fitness and diet routine.

Melanie's Reboot Review

Great Product. I use it everyday as my daily moisturizer!

Miracle Worker

Geri is truly a miracle worker. I developed a severe hormonal acne breakout that had lasted two weeks, had seen a dermatologist for it, and nothing was helping. After a facial with Geri and with her recommendations, my face is completely clear.
Geri made me a truly personalized facial plan and helped me learn what I needed to change in or order to clear my skin and she completely changed my skin and my outlook! I am so grateful for Geri's facials and my skin has truly never looked better.

Daily Meal is part of my day now!

The Essential Daily Meal has made my mornings so much easier. Between running to and from class, meetings, studying, and not being a morning person, I rarely take the extra time in the morning to fix myself a healthy meal that will fill me up and keep my full until lunch. The Daily Meal has been a savior! I mix it with my favorite oat milk and it tastes delicious and saves me so much time in the morning without having to worry about not giving mu body the nourishment it needs. As someone that's suffered from acne my whole life, geri taught me how essential what I put in my body is for my inside health. The Essential Daily Meal is a must for keeping myself balanced and my breakouts managed!


I have been taking the Essential Daily Greens for over a week and can both feel and see the difference it's making on my health already. The Greens have helped solve digestive issues I've struggled with, the extra vitamins and overall health benefits have helped to clear major acne breakout, and I have much more energy that lasts throughout the day. With all of the goodness I've experienced so far, I can't wait to see what else comes with continued use! And they taste GREAT! The Greens have been a lifesaver as a college student that might not consistently get greens in my diet every day without them.

Eye Job Serum #1
Rene Svach

I LOVE the Eye Job Serum. It really tightens up my eyes.

b3 Mascara w/ Dual Action Brush.

TranQuil Daily Tonic
Cathleen Hohner
Awesome hydration

This is a game changer for my dry skin- a spritz makes my skin feel better and look fresher. I use it a few times a day. Cathie Hohner

My new fresh look

I have used this for a couple of weeks and definitely see more smoothing and luminosity for a fresher look in my aging(late 60s) skin. My skin has spring again. Cathie H

I love the way this makes my skin feel in the morning!!

Eye Job - Serum / Cream Duo
Chris Scheck
Love it!!

Wonderful product with great results

Geri G product are amazing!

As a 69 year old woman, I am grateful to have been introduced to her products and facials about 11 years ago! My skin is healthy and vibrant because of all the work Geri has put into her quality products!

Thumbs Up

OMG! My 69 year old skin loves this!!! Thank you, Geri , so much, for caring about aging skin!

Geri G is the best!

Geri G is the absolute best! She is brilliant and her products are amazing!

Must have

Geri G products are superior to any others! LI asked for gift cards for my birthday. Cathie H

Seamless Foundation
Carol Sutton
Absolutely Love!

Absolutely love your products Geri especially the seamless foundation. It’s seamless! You are the best Esthetician I’ve ever been to.
Thank you so much!

Seamless Foundation
luann anderson
Seamless Foundation

This is the first liquid foundation that I truly love. A little goes a long way and coverage evens out my skin tone effortlessly. Light and illuminating as well!

B3 Mascara/ Universal Eyebrow Pencil Duo
Ruth Gross
Love your products!

I love your products! I also use foundation and concealer regularly! Doesn’t have that heavy mask appearance! Feels good and healthy for my skin! I have also widened out and used your skin products! Eyebrow pencil is great! I really do like mascara, the brush on it is perfect!

Brilliant brush design

Application of this nourishing mascara is really improved with the versatile brush. It helps move lashes so they enhance and frame your eyes. Cathie H