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Super green power!

I have been drinking Geri’s greens since she developed them about about 7 or 8 years ago. They have always energized me and made me feel ready for the day. I also love that they are great tasting as well, you never have to try and choke them down like some green powders. Geri is so committed to wellness and helping others to be well and I love how she is always improving her products. I am lucky that she has been in my life for over 20 years!


I have always loved this product and how my skin seems to glow when I use it

Love it

Feels great on my skin


I can’t do without this product. It has changed my skin. Love it!

Blue oil

I love the Blue Oil. I bought some for my friends for Christmas. One calls it the miracle oil. The other one went home and ordered the set. We are so excited that we found something that really works

Eye Job Cream #2
Barb Votruba
Eye Cream

Really like the eye cream. I like all of the products I have used.

Fabulous Mask

I love the mask. So easy to use and one can really see the results.


This is additional to my first review. I had developed some dry itchy skin over my eyebrows and dry flaky skin on my nose. Since using these products, all the problem areas have disappeared. So pleased!

The very best mascara and customer service!

I have yet to find a mascara that goes on as cleanly and easily as Geri G. b3 . Not only that, their customer service is the best! For my last order, I actually received a bonus tube. I very much appreciate their quality and obvious positive regard for their customers. Thank you, Geri G.

Just what my skin needs

I wear this moisturizer when I am getting ready to go out with my girlfriends or want the extra moisture in my skin especially during winter months. My skin looks and feels hydrated when I wear this. Definitely a product I will include in my going-out regimen. Thank you!


I have read the benefits of Retinol and this cream lives up to them all. My skin looks wonderful the next morning and continues to help improve my finer lines.
Aging naturally is more acceptable with this exceptional product!

Who needs Botox?

I absolutely love this product!
You nailed it Geri! My 63 yr old Skin feels great and looks great!
Thank you! Thank you!

All in one product

This is a perfect compact travel companion because you can use it as blush, eye-shadow, bronzer. My face still looks natural and it makes me feel great to know I’m using a product that benefits my skin.
I love how you can customize the color by mixing both colors.

Nourishing lips

I love the Nude lip gloss, not only does it not dry my lips but it is actually nourishing my lips and it looks great on my tan skin. I use this everyday for work and love how natural it looks.

Amazing Coverage

I don’t usually wear concealers because my face will feel heavy however when I put this concealer on I immediately felt my skin could breathe, it covers my large pores and it smells great too.
When you’ve been using clean makeup for a while you just know when you put something good on your face which is exactly the feeling you get when you put this concealer on. Full coverage and it’s good for my skin. Will definitely be adding this to my morning make-up routine.

I love it!!!
If I could only look 30 again...waiting 😁

Blue oil

Awesome product. Am 65. Face feels so soft. Even softens wrinkles. Will order this product again.

A Healthy Glow!

Just the right finishing touch for a HEALTHY glow. Not super shiny, love it !

My Go-To Lotion

I have very sensitive skin and this moisturizer is the best solution for every skin concern of mine. Your skin will immediately feel soft and nourished by all the nutrients found in the ingredients. Perfect for traveling because it helps as a primer, moisturizer and night lotion. Worth every penny.

All in one perfect moisturizer

I have used Geri’s skin care products as soon as she started developing them. I have always loved every single one, and this moisturizer is no exception. It smooths on my face easily and I never feel that dryness associated with other facial moisturizers. It’s truly amazing!

Works from the inside out

Geri's blend of greens not only tastes good, it also works magic on my skin! Daily use keeps my skin at its best and balances my whole system.

I'm addicted

This is my go-to daily moisturizer. I love that way it feels and looks on a no make up day or how it wears under make up. It hydrates and restores the color and balance in my skin. I have sensitive skin and many products don't work for me. This one is a keeper!

It's all in the name

Sleep and recover does exactly that. While you sleep, it changes your skin. I love everything about this nightly moisturizer - it isn't heavy, smells awesome, and has made a difference in how my skin feels and looks. Geri has done it again!

Love how my skin feels.. all about simplicity,so for me perfect! One product that does multiple things😍

Great Skin Quencher

GeriG’s new Blu Oil is another versatile and awesome product. It gives me another option to hydrate my dry skin and it feels great!