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It worked!!!

I tried Coolsculpting and it didn't work. The difference with the T-SHOCK was that Geri did a consult and actually shoed my the degree of fat that I had and told me that I also coached me about nutrition. Both of which did not have before. After 5 treatments I lost my hard stomach fat, my skin on my abdomen is tighter. Can't say enough about how happy I am with my T-SHock results!

My Legs Feel Great

I have always suffered from "heavy leg" syndrome. Where my body holds on to water, which causes cellulite. Geri introduced me to the T-SHOCK treatments and I immediately felt and saw relief after just a few treatments. I am feeling so much better and my body is getting healthier by the day. No one offer what Geri delivers. Nutritional and lifestyle coaching during each treatment helped me make the changes in my day to day routine.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!!

I can see a difference with brighten & renew

I started a week ago and I can already see a reduction in the hyperpigmentation on my face.

My skin is so firm and clear.

I woke up today and my skin looks so clear and firm, almost like I'm wearing invisible foundation. Can't wait for my next treatment in 2 weeks!!

6-6-1 Kit

I had loved using products from the 6-6-1 Kit since 2020. Natural beauty gets no better than this—my skin feels and looks fantastic! I wouldn't travel anywhere without my 6-6-1.

Great brush

I love this brush. It lasts close to a year. Then I order a new one . I use it for foundation, concealer, for eye shadow and blush. Like the size of it. Feels good on the face. Very versatile. It is by far my favorite brush. When traveling, does not take up much room in my case. Easy to clean. Good addition to the make-up bag.

Best Sunblock

I luv the SPF 30 sunblock so much because my skin doesnt feel like its suffocating and its not greasy. Its the best!!!

Love this product

I love this moisturizer. It is light and leaves my skin feeling fresh. Wonderful product!

Micro Bamboo Wash Cloth
Donna Fish
Love the cloth!

Great feel, Absorption and softness, Very happy with it! Thank you Geri for always finding new products to keep our skin healthy!

Essential Daily Greens
Lisa McCormick
Super green power!

I have been drinking Geri’s greens since she developed them about about 7 or 8 years ago. They have always energized me and made me feel ready for the day. I also love that they are great tasting as well, you never have to try and choke them down like some green powders. Geri is so committed to wellness and helping others to be well and I love how she is always improving her products. I am lucky that she has been in my life for over 20 years!


I have always loved this product and how my skin seems to glow when I use it

Overnight Success Mask with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
Love it

Feels great on my skin

Lift Growth Factor Peptide Serum
Megan Zavolta

I can’t do without this product. It has changed my skin. Love it!

blue oil head to toe soothes and hydrates all skins
Lorie Frieberg
Blue oil

I love the Blue Oil. I bought some for my friends for Christmas. One calls it the miracle oil. The other one went home and ordered the set. We are so excited that we found something that really works

Eye Job Cream #2
Barb Votruba
Eye Cream

Really like the eye cream. I like all of the products I have used.

Overnight Success Mask with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
Barb Votruba
Fabulous Mask

I love the mask. So easy to use and one can really see the results.


This is additional to my first review. I had developed some dry itchy skin over my eyebrows and dry flaky skin on my nose. Since using these products, all the problem areas have disappeared. So pleased!

The very best mascara and customer service!

I have yet to find a mascara that goes on as cleanly and easily as Geri G. b3 . Not only that, their customer service is the best! For my last order, I actually received a bonus tube. I very much appreciate their quality and obvious positive regard for their customers. Thank you, Geri G.

Just what my skin needs

I wear this moisturizer when I am getting ready to go out with my girlfriends or want the extra moisture in my skin especially during winter months. My skin looks and feels hydrated when I wear this. Definitely a product I will include in my going-out regimen. Thank you!

Retinol PM Moisturizer 2oz

I have read the benefits of Retinol and this cream lives up to them all. My skin looks wonderful the next morning and continues to help improve my finer lines.
Aging naturally is more acceptable with this exceptional product!

Lift Growth Factor Peptide Serum
Carol Sutton
Who needs Botox?

I absolutely love this product!
You nailed it Geri! My 63 yr old Skin feels great and looks great!
Thank you! Thank you!

All in one product

This is a perfect compact travel companion because you can use it as blush, eye-shadow, bronzer. My face still looks natural and it makes me feel great to know I’m using a product that benefits my skin.
I love how you can customize the color by mixing both colors.

Nourishing lips

I love the Nude lip gloss, not only does it not dry my lips but it is actually nourishing my lips and it looks great on my tan skin. I use this everyday for work and love how natural it looks.

Amazing Coverage

I don’t usually wear concealers because my face will feel heavy however when I put this concealer on I immediately felt my skin could breathe, it covers my large pores and it smells great too.
When you’ve been using clean makeup for a while you just know when you put something good on your face which is exactly the feeling you get when you put this concealer on. Full coverage and it’s good for my skin. Will definitely be adding this to my morning make-up routine.

I love it!!!
If I could only look 30 again...waiting 😁