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Geri G Products

I have some of the products and I love them on my face.
The daily Greens have a really nice flavor. I recommend Their cosmetics, wellness products and skin care.

Essentials Daily Wellness Nutritional Supplement Trio

These drinks and shakes make my running recovery happen so much faster and busy mornings very convenient. They are so delicious, my teenager loves them too, and it’s actually something I don’t mind him consuming, 😁

I love it. Great product.

This is a great product. And I loved the price

Great Product

This is a great product for days when you're not putting on a full face but want to even out the imperfections in your skin.


This product has become a staple for me. Only a few drops of the blue oil and my skin feels hydrated without any greasiness. I apply it all over my face and body - my hands love it. It's lightweight, gentle, and incredibly hydrating. Plus, my daughter is a fan too!

Results happening

I had a treatment with Geri and believed that this was my answer for graceful aging without injections.
I was correct. Honestly!
My mouth area ( lip lines and marionette look) has visibly improved. My whole face has a lift with better skin smoothness.
Watch all the videos available and start now. It's a straightforward practice and can be done while watching a movie/TV once you've practiced in front of a mirror a couple of times.
My legs and belly are smoothing out nicely too. I workout 3-4x/week so it's an additional bonus to my hard work.
Worth every penny as you cannot overdo it!

Best Facial ever!

Geri is gifted! Not only is she knowledgeable she is dedicated to her craft! Geri uses state of the art equipment and she is in the know on the latest technology and applications. She guides you through step by step and explains the benefits and and ingredients to everything she uses. Her skills with the face and body are unparalleled!! If you haven’t had a facial by Geri, you are truly missing out!!

I am beyond grateful!

Excellent facial and products

Geri's facial and other treatments transform your face and skin back to a radiant, smooth and healthy look. She works wonders with her products which are all made cruelty-free!!

Thank you Maureen for doing your part at home as well!! No more than three products-that's it!! Lift, Retinol Reverse, and Sleep ad Recover.


This product made my skin feel like silk, softened every fine line and my makeup stayed in place forever! My girlfriends asked me if I was using a filter on my last photo posted. I never use filters I feel like I have earned every year I have lived!

Energy galore

This delicious product delivers energy, detoxes and is very refreshing.

Age defying

Just an amazing result immediately & then 2 days later even better. I truly believe this is a healthy alternative to skincare with terrific results.
I traveled from the Caribbean to experience it and now will go to Geri whenever she is in Miami!
Love the fact that it also tightens the body!

Love this gem!

It has been a favorite of mine for many years. So easy to get a smooth finish with my foundation.

I’m more than impressed with Geri’s Essential Muscle Renew. As a yoga teacher & pescatarian this works wonders on my muscle tone. I can feel, see & experience amazing results! I would highly recommend the ESSENTIAL MUSCLE RENEW…

Love this!

Only using product for a short period time and already experienced some texture changes, well moisturized skin. Highly recommended along w the entire skincare regime

Wow! It's so exciting that you are seeing results and that your skin is loving GERI G!!

Great Results!

Geri’s Essential Muscle Renew is fabulous! I’ve been putting it in my shake once a day everyday for the past 2 months and have noticed a huge change in my body. I workout everyday and I am a woman of a particular age, so I’m loosing the definition as I age. But with the muscle renew I see it coming back!!! So excited and thrilled that Geri made this product!

Thanks Candice for letting everyone know that Muscle Renew really is a unique product that works for everyone!

Geri G Sleep & Recover

Love Love Love ALL of Geri G's products!

Healthy, Natural blush

Love its multi purpose for cheeks and eyes and the ability to create your own look with the duo shades. I have used this for years and don’t look for another!

Brow Magic

Only this brow pencil lives up to its expectations for me. A great color match, goes on smooth and easy.

b3 Tubular Mascara for Lengthening Lashes
Donna Fish

This mascara has ended my search for a mascara that does what it says and is good for your eyes. No clumping or lashes sticking together. I recommend this product and that you watch the instructional video, it helped me immensely since it is different than any other.


I received my order of GeriG Beauty Products including the LiftX Serum and Brighten and Renew gel'ee. My skin has never felt cleaner (thanks to my vegan cleanser from GeriG) and has never been more glowy! This is MAGIC!

Nor Pain Results!

The Star T-Shock fat reduction is amazing! Just after two treatments I’m down a pant size!! Without T-Shock, it takes me months of strict diet and exercise to see those type of results. T-Shock is pleasant experience, no pain, no discomfort. Thank you Geri!

Skincare bliss

Skin Reboot has been a staple for me for several years now. It’s kept my skin amazingly nourished as I age and feels like a second skin.

Thank you for sharing your great results! We are so happy to hear that SKIN REBOOT has played a part in your skin happiness!!!

b3 Tubular Mascara for Lengthening Lashes
Cindy Lou Allen

Love how it nourishes my lashes not none other!!

Worked On My Deep Lines And Wrinkles

I started using Sleep and Recover for my deeper lines and wrinkles and it is working!!!