Collection: Wellness

GERI G.® Wellness Collection is a Three Step Wellness program, designed to help the body regain its youthfulness, strength and beauty from the inside out.  The approach is simple.

Step 1 essential daily greens 

A morning ritual of deep organic grasses, algae and greens that feed the cells vital nutrients to support a natural daily detox and rejuvenation all at the same time.

Step 2 essential muscle renew

A mid afternoon or pre workout meal replacement and muscle renewing that nourishes the body with plant based proteins, fats and fiber.  As well as amino acids, digestive enzymes and vitamin D and Calcium for maximum muscle and cell repair and build.

Step 3 essential daily meal

A vegan, organic, sprouted and balanced macro-micro meal.  Designed to give your body plant based digestible proteins, plant based fats and carbohydrates.  A meal that you can have at anytime of the day to fortify the body with just what it needs to function properly and keep insulin levels balanced lack of nourishment, energy pitfalls and poor sleep.