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Essential Daily Greens Protein Powder - 30 Day Supply

Essential Daily Greens Protein Powder - 30 Day Supply

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GERI G. Essential Daily Greenis certified organic by QAI.

  • amino acids
  • vitamins & minerals
  • plant collagen
  • polyphenols
Benefits the body to help restore and rejuvenate the body daily.
It supports the body as it tries to defend against environmental aggressors and poor diet.  Daily consumption will help with energy and a sense of balance 

The formula is MADE WITH AUTHENTIC Kamut® first generation of wheatgrass. The most superior and potent wheatgrass grown.

Start your day first with a glass of essential daily greens and you will feel the natural effects of whole greens!

* Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass

* Organic Young Barley Grass-non GMO (young cut)

* Organic Spirulina

* Organic Chlorella

*Organic Meyer Lemon

* Organic Stevia

* Digestive Enzymes

How To Incorporate the 'essentials' into your day.

1. Start your day with essential daily greens on an empty stomach.  Wait 15 mins minimum before eating or drinking after the greens.

2. Mid Day lunch, snack or maybe your dinner.  Enjoy essential daily meal replacement with a non dairy milk is preferred.  Add essential muscle renew  for added protein absorption. **Add more liquid as desired for consistency preference.

3. Before exercise or anytime of the day a dd essential muscle renew  to any drink or food to maximum muscle tissue health and lean muscle development with or without exercise. Natural fiber is added to help create a sense of fullness as well. myHMB®, vitamin D, calcium, Prohydralase®, and chronium picolinate all compliment each other to encourage healthier skeletal muscle development and help to reduce sugar cravings.  Geri recommends an easy to digest pea protein milk

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Key Benefits

  • supports natural detoxification
  • helps naturally alkalize and oxygenate the body
  • support & balance healthy cells
  • can help increase energy levels

How to Use

It is best to have Essential Daily Greens on an empty stomach. For best results, wait a minimum 15 mins before & after consuming Essential Daily Greens to resume eating or drinking .

GERI G. Says ....

On days when you need an afternoon boost, try having Essential Daily Greens instead of caffeine. Your body will love you for it and you'll most likely get much better beauty sleep.

Ingredient List

organic kamut® wheatgrass juice powder, organic barley juice powder, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, organic stevia, natural lemon flavor, digeZyme®

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Energy galore

This delicious product delivers energy, detoxes and is very refreshing.

GERI G TRIO was just what I needed

Following the GERI G. plan everyday gave me guidance as to wha to take to make sure I was getting all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and support nutrients to keep my insulin levels normal and energy balanced.
I can always tell I difference in how I feel if I don't stay on track.
1. Greens First to detox
2.Muscle Renew with protein for reduce insulin levels,muscle aches and protein digestion
3. Daily Meal at lunchtime for that one balanced meal to keep the munchies at bay.
I swear by it!!

Lisa McCormick
Super green power!

I have been drinking Geri’s greens since she developed them about about 7 or 8 years ago. They have always energized me and made me feel ready for the day. I also love that they are great tasting as well, you never have to try and choke them down like some green powders. Geri is so committed to wellness and helping others to be well and I love how she is always improving her products. I am lucky that she has been in my life for over 20 years!

Works from the inside out

Geri's blend of greens not only tastes good, it also works magic on my skin! Daily use keeps my skin at its best and balances my whole system.

Kimberly Abdallah
Eat Your Greens

The Essential Daily Greens tastes very good, dissolves easily in water, and is so convenient when you just didn't have time to prepare that salad. I love it.