Whatever The Mind Can See the Body Can Achieve®

Whatever The Mind Can See the Body Can Achieve®

GERI G. ® Beauty Now Hosting 'Whatever The Mind Can See the Body Can Achieve' ® Instructional ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminars Covering Holistic Products and Practices

GERI G.®Beauty, a holistic skincare, wellness, and beauty brand that operates through ‘transceutical® living’ based on change through healing, is now hosting instructional seminars, as well as lunch and learn events, to introduce people to the products and natural healing practices.

The hands-on classes cover everything from beauty preservation products to cooking instruction, all of which have been formulated to work within the transceutical living practice.

“Our brand is based on the scientific fact that what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on your skin, which is why it’s our goal to ensure that every aspect and ritual is on purpose and conscious from start to says, Founder and Owner of GERI G. “The body is a miraculous, biological work of art, capable of healing itself, changing for the better, and reaching optimal health if we listen to what it needs.”

GERI G.’s seminars cover topics like how to decipher which ingredients are nourishing and healthy, versus dangerous and chemical-based; determining which level of beauty product coverage is needed for individual presentation and skin-type; anti-aging ingredients that rejuvenate the skin from the inside out; and the key benefits that can be achieved by choosing a holistic approach to health.

GERI G.’s available products that provide an example of organic-based formulation include the Retinol Reverse Serum, Organic Essential Daily Greens, and Essential Daily Meal Replacement.

“Not only do these products yield lasting results in consumers, but they also optimize bodily function to help everyone feel their very best,” concluded Geri.

GERI G. is known for administering holistic, yet high-tech treatments that combine the most impressive wellness innovations of the future with natural processes that have been used for thousands of years.

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