How To Not Look Old When You Lose Weight

How To Not Look Old When You Lose Weight

Essential Muscle Renew

Did you know that 40% of your body weight should be muscle mass?That inlcudes our face and sometimes when we lose weight it can have a big impact on your facial msucle tone and skin.  So you want to know how to not look old when you lose weight?

As we age our body chemistry changes but most people don’t really know why. The typical answer is just that, “we’re getting older and that’s part of the process.” We go through physical, mental and emotional changes that affect the body for any number of reasons and the result is loss of muscle mass. As we lose this muscle mass, the snowball effect begins and then we see other symptoms of ageing that range anywhere from weight gain to weight loss, weaker bones, hormone irregularities, sleep disorders, brain fog, depression and sometimes even organ declines or failures. But that doesn’t have to be true. With the proper combination of physical activity and healthy eating habits, it is possible to keep those muscles strong and slow down the detrimental effects that occur due to muscle loss.

Muscles are made up of muscle cells called myocytes. These myocytes contract by passing myosin and acting against one another with active movement.  They generate tiny electrical impulses that keep the heart beating which is one of the reasons why your heart beats faster during physical activity.

Physical activity is what the body was created for.  It was not meant to be sedentary or inactive.  The body wants to be active.  With activity comes the release of all sorts of great energizing chemicals in our tissues, organs and circulatory systems and also flushes out toxins. However, without proper nutrients and healthy eating habits, these benefits are simply cancelled out.

Everyone talks about the importance of eating healthy but with so many fad diets and get-skinny-quick schemes, it’s hard to know what actually works and more importantly, what is actually good for you.  The most common misconception I have encountered with clients is the idea that it takes eating lots of protein rich foods and intense, heavy weight lifting workouts to gain muscle mass. And while that can work for some, most working adults simply do not have the time, money and energy to invest into that kind of lifestyle. And in some cases, it can do more harm than good. And there those who are physically incapable of that sort of lifestyle. The bed ridden, elderly and chronically ill. Sometimes, once the snowball of symptoms starts rolling it’s easy to feel discouraged and that is what I wanted to prevent when I started my research for Essential Muscle Renew.

Essential muscle renew is a formula that I created when researching how to help my mom from losing muscle mass during the Covid pandemic.  My mom is 93 years old and she was going to physical therapy but once Covid hit she had to stop and her reduction of movement had a quick and unmistakable toll on her physical well-being.  She was sitting more and then her hips would bother her, her muscles began to weaken and simple tasks were suddenly difficult and uncomfortable. And the more she was unable to have physical therapy, the more those muscles weakened and soon she hardly had enough strength to stand. She just felt completely defeated.

Through my research I came across myHMB®.  What makes  myHMB® unique?

It is a patented formula that combines HMB with vitamin D. Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) is produced by the human body when the body breaks down leucine, an amino acid and a building block of protein. myHMB® is one of the most studied nutritional ingredients available. About 50 human studies, 40 review articles and four meta-analyses have shown its effectiveness.

The answer to how to not look old when you lose weight. Essential Muscle Renew

Essential Muscle Renew is designed with myHMB® and four other key  ingredients that I have found to best promote the body's ability to make more lean muscle tissues.  And you can see the growth of that muscle tissue just by incorporating Essential Muscle Renew everyday with your meals that contain protein.  But as with any product, the results will be more apparent and faster working upon incorporating other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It is especially beneficial if you take it once a day with GERI G. essential daily meal, our plant based vegan meal replacement. (to learn more about click here etc. )

It’s common to tie progress to the number on the scale. People set goals of losing or gaining a certain amount of pounds and if they don’t make it to that number, frustration and disappointment set in and eat away at motivation. It’s important to remember that when building muscle there will be a more noticeable change in size than in number. Fat cells contain more water than muscle cells so they are bigger but they actually weigh less. So as you replace those cells with muscle cells, the tape measurement will be smaller but the number on the scale may not be. 

Who is it for? What will it do for you?

 If you want lean, toned healthy muscles that will support your skeletal frame and reassure your stability and movement, even if you are bed ridden. You can assist the body in its quest to create muscle with Essential Muscle Renew in combination with a healthy more plant-based diet. Start your journey back to feeling strong and healthy with Essential Muscle Renew from Geri G.

Our five key ingredients and what they do for you:


It’s commonly known that calcium is important for bone strength and density but it is also essential for the release of hormones, blood circulation and muscle strength. It is something that the human body does not produce naturally and must be given to the body via the nutrients in the food that we eat. The combination of calcium with the other ingredients in Essential Muscle Renew has been proven to provide the correct dose of those nutrients to help the body make muscle tissues and improve lean muscle mass particularly for the inactive and the elderly.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D promotes many of the same things as calcium but calcium cannot actually be absorbed by the body without Vitamin D. As with anything, too much Vitamin D can be harmful but the amount in Essential Muscle Renew along with our other ingredients is the ideal dose to get the benefits of each item.


ProHydrolase® :

ProHydrolase® is a protease Enzyme Blend made from Bacillus subtilis and Ananas comosus.  It helps with breaking down protein more efficiently in the digestive process so the body can absorb adequate amounts of protein and allow for optimal usage.

Chromium Picolinate:

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that can help keep insulin levels normal and enhance protein, carbohydrate, and lipid metabolism. It is a metallic element that people need in very small quantities.



myHMB® is a formula of HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate) which is a substance the body naturally produces but almost never receives the full benefits from because of the amount of protein needed to metabolise it. HMB and Vitamin D combinations are commonly recommended to help promote muscle growth and wellness. myHMB® works to give the body the amount of HMB it needs to actually receive the natural benefits of HMB, particularly for muscle and bone strength.

Essential Muscle Renew is the combination of these ingredients and together they not only allow the body to get the most out of each other ingredient. They also promote muscle growth and strength, optimize the way the body absorbs protein, and improve the body’s functionality in restoring it’s own strength naturally.

Who should NOT take Essential Muscle Renew?

Those with liver or kidney disease or with elevated blood pressure should not take Essential Muscle Renew.  The amount (chromium picolinate which can affect the liver) in Essential Muscle Renew is a low to moderate amount that would be comparable to what you would find naturally in chromium containing foods.


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