Why What You Eat is as Important to Your Skin Health as What You Put on Your Skin

Why What You Eat is as Important to Your Skin Health as What You Put on Your Skin

Foods can manipulate the balance of hormones in your body, which in return changes the chemistry of your skin.  It can change your cells, muscle tissue, bone mass, hydration and texture.   All of these contribute to how you look and feel.

Key Hormone Contributor:

Human Growth Hormone, known as HGH, is the de-ager hormone in your body for both men and women. 

What you need to know about HGH:

  • It is the regulator of weight (burning fat) (muscle tone) mood, sleep, detoxification and the texture, tone and firmness of the skin.
  • As we age, HGH slows down automatically affecting many of the physical attributes that are associated with physical conditioning and youthfulness.
  • When HGH slows down or even stops production any or all of the following issues arise: 
        1. Wrinkles, sagging skin and loose skin around muscles
        2. Noticeable low energy and insomnia.
        3. Lack of desire to be more active/exercise
        4. Lack of results from dieting and exercise
        5. Moodiness, lack of focus

Good News – You can increase HGH naturally:

  • We can control the decline of HGH and possibly increase it just by feeding our bodies the right foods and getting enough sleep.
  • The right foods along with plenty of sleep will have a trickle down affect on other functions in the body.

These are 4 simple actions you can take everyday that will have an immediate impact on improving your HGH levels:  

#1 ACTION: Do not take in any sugar, especially in the morning! NO Compromise!

 Sugar destroys all efforts to keep your cells alive and healthy.  Sugar raises insulin that makes HGH levels decline in the body and that is why you will see physical symptoms of the decline when you look in the mirror.

When insulin rises it stops the fat burning process in your body.  I am not speaking only to those who want to lose some LB’s,  I am talking about the importance of why burning fat (including all the junk inside the fat cell) is critical to how you look & feel. 

Your bodies fat burning process is for your health.  It is your natural detoxifier. When that natural detoxifier is not working correctly you’ll see extra water weight, fat weight, saggy skin, under eye sagginess and pockets under the eyes.  Those are the obvious visual symptoms. 

In addition, toxins get stored in the fat cells.  They are the garbage dump for the liver. When it can’t break something down and use it for energy, it stores it in your fat cells. Some people won’t store fat but they will become toxic in other areas of the body.  Lymphatic waste can cause all sorts of issues as well as circulation problems from toxins circulating throughout the body without a way to push them out on a daily basis.

If you want your body to perform as a clean, mean fighting fat burning detoxifying machine,  focus on burning fat through the reduction of insulin and keeping HGH levels high. Sugar works against all these goals.


Sleeping is the most important function for you to think about and one of the best ways to keep HGH on high speed. You can’t believe how amazing you will look and feel when you sleep like a BABY!

Why is sleep so critical? Your body needs to reboot each day. When you fall asleep it switches to its’ reboot system also known as the Parasystematic Nervous System.

The PNS puts your body is an unconscious state, at which time your body will:

  • Detoxify its’ organs
  • Cleanse blood
  • The liver will “distill” working to get rid of toxins that have entered the body and breakdown the foods your body did not use up during the day as energy (to be stored into the fat cells for use later in later days)

To most effectively accomplish this reboot, your body needs a 12 hour repair time during which you’re not eating.

So what are the critical foods that will allow you to get proper sleep and facilitate your body’s much needed reboot?

2 keys to eating your way to better sleep:

    1. Make sure you get enough Magnesium and Niacinamide. Both help with raising melatonin levels to encourage a more sound sleep naturally.
    2. The brain needs glucose during sleep. Planning the correct last meal of the day will ensure your brain has the glucose it needs to run and not wake you up.


Foods that are rich in the nutrients needed for sleep are:

      • Pumpkin Seeds/Pumpkin Protein Powder
      • Green vegetables – kale, spinach, collard greens
      • Organic turkey and chicken
      • Bone broth
      • Flax
      • Rasberries/Blueberries
      • Walnuts (about 4-6)
      • Warm water with lemon
      • Celery
      • CALM – magnesium/calcium drink



 Think about the purified nature of what we feed babies.  Would anyone think of giving a baby: meat, sugar, dairy products, baked goods, anything out of a box, nuts, beans, pop, carbonated beverages, alcohol and cigarettes?  

WHY? Because their bodies are pure, and they can’t handle it.

If you want to regenerate, you have to think of your body as if it were back in the day of being an infant.  Ask yourself.  Why am I feeding my body these impure items? 

Close your eyes and picture your cells with happy faces. 


When you feed it pure food that is not full of manufactured, filler ingredients contaminated with chemicals and artificial hormones it’s a happy face. 

If you feed it dead, cooked food that has had all the nutritional value heated out of it and no digestive enzymes available to help your body break it down………


Which brings me to our last action item.


Eating more living foods puts you more into a “baby” state of healthy, vibrant cells.  The result will be glowing, soft supple skin that absorbs nutrients from the inside.  The body needs living, green food. 

It needs probiotics and digestive enzymes and living nutrients that have been given life from the sun. 

 Your body will age but you can help it stay younger just by avoiding the triggers that would cause its decline of HGH.

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