Wellness Love Attitude to Live by EveryDay

Wellness Love Attitude to Live by EveryDay

Who wouldn't love to jump out of bed and instantly feel on top of the world, both physically and mentally.  You may be surprised to hear that that can be you!  You've heard all the promises of what health and beauty products can or should do for you but a lot of times they fall short.  Let's ask why?  Most of the time the product shows promise but the efficacy of the ingredients, the formulas and the way to use them just don't measure up.  

When it comes to choosing products for your wellness and beauty health, you have to ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve or the benefit from incorporating the product into your daily wellness routine?  Let's face it, most people don't investigate a product down to every ingredient.  They just hear that it will make them look or feel better and that's really what matters the most.  But what if we just simplify the products, make them multi- tasking and multi beneficial and easy to use. Now that's magic!

Enter GERI G. Wellness products from the GERI G. TRANSCEUTICAL® Living is a line of skincare, beauty, wellness and lifestyle coaching.  Three simple multi purposeful products and three coaching methods that support the body from the inside out.  They will transform the health of the body which ultimately changes the way the body looks.  A regimen that works as the perfect line up of digestible supplements from nature, that provide daily nutritional macro and micro nutrients through out the day that the body actually can absorb, use and benefit from.

The Beauty in GERI G. Wellness Products That You Deserve

Not All Beauty From Within is The Same.

Since the early days in Los Angeles, I found myself as one of the pioneers in discovering the beauty benefits of eating raw and green.  As I changed my diet my clients noticed the change in me and wanted the same results.  Thus, GERI G. Wellness products were born.  From Los Angeles, to Chicago, to Nashville, Tennessee.  GERI G. clients have helped create what is now known as TRANSCEUTICAL® Living "change through healing.  A concept that encompasses my whole philosophy around the idea that you can change and heal your skin and body with the right ratio of nourishment both physically and topically through TRANSCEUTICAL products.

Step 1: ESSENTIAL DAILY GREENS: The Powerful Greens Every Morning

Geri's essential daily greens formula is not like any other green drink.  It has been formulated to deliver the most potent dosage from each power green to give the body the nutritional support it needs every day.  Each green offers specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, protein, peptides, omega's... list the list goes on.  Because the greens are created by the sun and water, their characteristics are not the same as vegetables.  That is why I donot recommend mixing the potent essential daily greens with any other food or supplement.  Nor do I feel that one type of power green is enough.  Drinking the kitchen sink of vegetables, greens, mushrooms and protein is not what the body wants.  It wants slow and easy digestion and it needs to breakdown easily especially in the morning nutrient dense dark green food efficiently.  GERI G. essential daily greens contains  digestive enzymes blend: Alpha lipase, malaise, Neutral protease, lactase, land ipase to breakdown the dense nutrients in essential daily greens formula for better absorption by the body.

In the morning, you can take your essential daily greens before any meal, after black coffee or tea and  always on an empty stomach.  It's always best to wait 15-30 minutes after taking the greens to take in any other liquid or food.  Enjoy how the rich taste of Kamut® Wheatgrass, Young Barley, Blue Green Algae Spirulina, and Chlorella and Lemon and experience how it feels to be giving your body nothing but natures best. 


Step 2: ESSENTIAL MUSCLE RENEW- Who Knew You Can Make Muscle without Exercise

Sounds too good to be true, but it is.  I created another wellness product that actually helps create lean muscle tone and works to help prevent muscle loss.  It helps those who may be on the edge of gaining weight from lack of movement, instability and fragile bones especially the elderly.  But for someone like myself, my body actually does better gaining lean muscle tone without vigorous, stressful exercise. I actually ride my stationary bike everyday for 30-45 minutes. Why a bike-I use to walk so much that I developed vein and bursitis issues in my legs and had to adjust my exercise routine.  It turned out to be the best thing for me.  It lead me to discover a new way to move my body with less stress of how to get my walks in everyday depending on my schedule and the weather...I now work on my phone or multi task while I ride my bike at anytime of the day that works with my schedule. 

Imagine taking one scoop a day with your GERI G. essential muscle renew or pea protein milk before a workout or walk and experiencing a change in your muscle mass.  Not only does essential muscle renew help with muscle development but it is formulated with a strategic blend of myHMB and vitamin D for better absorption of calcium which aids in bone density.  Patented ProHydrolase® has been added to breakdown protein for absorbency and Chromium Picolinate to help regulate insulin levels and reduce sugar cravings.

1. Before workout for energy, muscle engagement and prevention of muscle breakdown

 2. Add essential daily meal and 8 oz of pea protein milk or any non dairy milk.


Step 3: ESSENTIAL DAILY MEAL-The One Meal a Day You Can't Live Without

In a world of crazy diets and exercise routines the one thing that most people miss in attempting to turn their health around is that 85% of results are dependent on what you eat and put into your body.  You have to feed the body with the right nutrients in order for it to respond in a metabolic change. With that said, most do not have the time, knowledge or money to spend on all the optimal food and supplementation that is required these days to stay on track.  The essential daily meal to offer my clients the ability to be healthy and stay healthy with just one complete  metabolic balanced meal.  Protein, fats and carbs must be taken in order for the body to function properly, especially the brain that regulates the body's hormones.  Crucial to know for those who wonder why their body doesn't always do what it wants to do, after all their efforts of doing what they think they were supposed to do.  its all about the nutrition and hormone regulating.  That means burning  daily waste from food, air toxins and stress that pollutes the messaging system of the body.  The nutrient combination in essential daily meal is the ultimate Vegan, Clean Non GMO, SOY & WHEY FREE meal.

breakfast, Lunch or Dinner 1-2x's a day depending on your calorie intake and your wellness goals

The best time to enjoy the GERI G. essential daily meal is at lunch time for most women and men but it can also be great if you need something lite for dinner and don't have time to cook or are on the road.  It's also, great for raw cookie recipes or take a couple of spoonfuls if you need to satisfy a little sweet craving.

Food For Thought

 Imagine if you were on an island with nothing but fresh food to eat, only sand to walk on, trees to climb.  water, the sun but no mirrors or time clock to control you or your day.  How would you feel?  Now, imagine creating that lifestyle in your current world.  How would you begin to do it? How would you create no distractions-no aggravation, no confrontation? It starts with simplifying your day and your surroundings.  That is why I created the three step GERI G. Wellness Coaching Method.  It's all about simplicity, structure, and getting control of your life through nourishment. If you feel better, you think better, you live better!

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