The Truth About Sunscreen

The Truth About Sunscreen

Applying an SPF sunscreen every day is necessary to prevent sun damage and premature aging of the skin. Women rely on their favorite foundation, tinted moisturizer, and BB and CC creams with SPF for a flawless finish and daily sun protection. My issue is that these products do not offer an adequate defense against UVA/UVB rays. 

For example, Zinc Oxide is a highly effective natural mineral sunscreen that is used in many foundations. Based on the recommended use for SPF products (reapply at least every 2 hours), you have to layer on the product throughout the day, which is not practical or very healthy for the skin. Frequent and proper use guarantees SPF protection, but this will create a thick, heavy mask of unbreathable color. Tinted SPF products are absorbed at a deeper level than an ordinary foundation or non-SPF moisturizer. The buildup of ingredients leads to clogged pores and various skin irritations. It’s time to explore other options!   

Build A Natural Sunscreen Defense Through Food

Free radicals can damage and destroy living cells in the body.  As you may know, UVA and UVB rays are the satellite for free radicals.  Once they enter the body, it’s a fight to the finish and your immune system has to be armed!  

I believe in our body's ability to heal and transform is an ongoing process, but it needs the support of nature. Certain foods assist your body in creating a stronger defense against the damaging rays. Believe it or not, after ingesting Vitamin C every day for 30 days, your body has a natural SPF of 4.  Wow, that is cool!  

What if you knew that you could eat for better internal health by learning what is in your food? Kale is an excellent example of a super-nutritious food that protects the body! 2.5 cups contain 260% Vitamin A, 870% Vitamin K, 170% Vitamin C.  All three are key factors in fighting off damaging UVA and UVB rays. Of course, there is calcium, folate, and b6. I am excited to introduce you to more healthful foods. 

Powerful Body Boosting Foods

I hope that by sharing some of the foods listed below, you will help your body to build a stronger natural immunity against sun damage.   

One serving of each of the items is a great start. Having two or more a day is ideal.

GREENS - Anytime
  • Dark leafy lettuce, spinach, kale, and swiss chard 
  • Contain antioxidants, lutein, and zeaxanthin
WATERMELON - Great in the AM
  • Best to eat in the morning on an empty stomach (Try some cinnamon on top to help balance insulin rise from the high sugar content of the watermelon)  
  • High in lycopene and contains 40% more lycopene than tomatoes
  • Great for cell protection
GREEN TEA - Anytime two cups a day!
  • Contains catechins, which help to prevent and protect against sunburn inflammation and UV radiation damage
  • EGCG is known to stop genetic damage in skin cells that were exposed to UV light
CARROTS - Anytime (Best if you eat with a fat for better absorption) 
  • Carrots are one of the best sources of beta-carotene 
  • Beta-carotene helps protect the skin against the free radical damage from sun exposure 
  • Carrots help provide increased protection against sunburn
LEMON, LIME, GRAPEFRUIT, ORANGE & STRAWBERRIES -Eat as a snack or toss in some water as you enjoy with some almonds or pumpkin seeds.
  • High in vitamin C and limonene 
  • Help to protect cells from free-radical damage
RED GRAPES - Enjoy as a snack anytime.
  • Phytonutrients in grapes can slow down the formation of destructive reactive oxygen species (ROS) that form in skin cells, which has been linked to sun damage, skin cancer, and cell death 
  • Contain proanthocyanidins and other polyphenols found in the grape’s seeds that inhibit skin cancer induced by UV rays 
  • Contain quercetin, helps in lessening oxidative DNA damage caused by UVB exposure, and protects the skin from inflammation
ALMONDS- Sprouted is best. It releases the digestive enzymes in the nuts for maximum absorption of nutrients.
  • One of the best sources of vitamin E and quercetin, which has been shown to protect against UV damage and wrinkle formation
  • Great to eat with others on the list for better absorption all nutrients
POMEGRANATES- Crack open a pomegranate and enjoy natures treasures one by one.
  • Contain ellagic acid, which helps protect your skin from cell damage induced by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays
  • Increases antioxidant glutathione helps to increase protection from free radical damage

Eating and choosing foods that have so much to offer is the goal of long-lasting eternal health. If your favorite foods are not in season, frozen organic is okay. Frozen foods lose 25% of the nutritional value by being frozen, but it’s always better to go organic.

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