The Skin Triangle

The Skin Triangle

What does healthy, vibrant skin mean? It means that your insides match your outside. We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but I can tell a lot about someone just by evaluating how their skin looks and feels. 

When I evaluate someones' skin, I'm not looking for perfection. Rather, I'm looking at three key factors: food, lifestyle and products.  The “Triangle ” as I like to call it. These are the 3 key evaluating points that have the biggest impact on the skins' outer reflection.

Let's take a deeper look at those 3 key points:

1) The first is food.  What you put in your body has an undeniable effect on your skin in more ways than one.  Why? Because of the following impact points:

  • it determines the nutrition that is dispersed to the skin. 
  • It will have an effect on your digestion, depending on how you combine foods.
  • it will affect the way you look especially impacting the hydration of the skin.
These three factors together determine how the body reflects what is happening internally as a result of our food intake.

2) The second point is lifestyle.  Lifestyle, in relationship to how we look, is based on another set of key factors:

  • what time you go to bed
  • what time you wake up
  • what time you eat your meals
  • how much activity and or deliberate exercise you get each day
  • muscle maintenance
  • stress management 
  • living conditions.

3) The third and final point of the triangle is products and treatments.  Most people jump to this point first and focus all their attention on finding the magic product to make them look “better or younger”.  When it comes to products, the fact is that no matter what you put on your skin, the skin must first be in an absorbable state.  If it isn't, products may irritate or congest the skin (clog pores) and not meet your expectations.

My hope is that by breaking down the points of the skin triangle, it will be easier to evaluate your own skin and pay attention to all the contributors that are impacting your skins' appearance. Focusing more on all areas of what you can do for yourself frees you of that feeling that you are not in control of how you look and feel. It will also reduce the amount your spending on products that aren't giving you the intended result. 

You can maintain a healthy lifestyle on any budget. You can control how you react to stress, you can find a way to educate yourself on what your body needs for proper nourishment and you will then learn that you are in complete control of your own glow.

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