Nurture Long Term Skin Health With Skin Reboot

Nurture Long Term Skin Health With Skin Reboot

What is skin reboot® perfector?

A one step moisturizing hybrid crème that goes beyond the surface of the skin.  The patented formula provides significant amounts of vital skin nutrients that play a role in the skin’s ability to stay hydrated, which in turn allows for nutrients to properly be delivered to the key layers of the skin for maximum nutrition.  The result is pure bliss for instant softness, hydration and vibrancy that is felt and seen in seconds.

The bonus of skin reboot is that it is the first multi purpose skin/cosmetic crème that crosses over into being a mixer with any cosmetic.  It uses its own properties to enhance any form of cosmetic into a new texture, color or use on the skin.  Creating endless customizing of products while saving time and money as the ultimate multi purpose crème for skin and makeup.

Skin reboot was developed out of frustration.

There wasn’t one product that I could recommend to my clients that was the perfect nutritional fit for every skin type and tone.  I wanted to make skin care easy for everyone while at the same time creating a product that worked for everyone.  Regardless if you were a man, women, light skin, dark skin, problem skin or normal skin.  It had to work on all the issues that caused all skin dis-functions from not having the right nutrients that supported the skin.

The wonder of skin reboot is that it does everything you would want your moisturizer to do both day and night in one step!  It hydrates, moisturizes, replenishes nutrients back into the skin and it  keeps the skin balanced so that it does not show signs of poor nutrition such as: dehydration, oiliness, dryness while at the same time protecting it from oxidative stressors like free radicals, pollution, stress, weather and poor diet.

How skin reboot heals and promotes long term skin health.

Skin reboot is not just another moisturizer or primer.  It’s a complex made of phyto (plant) chemicals that are naturally absorbable by the skin to enhance the ability of the skin to heal and boost its natural anti aging and immune building properties, also known as “thalassotherapy”, which uses seawater for therapeutic purposes for helping the body’s well-being and support systems.

Bathing in seawater has a long history and today GERI G. is using the same therapeutic seaweed extracts that are documented for therapeutic purposes in their patented formula with the proprietary marine and botanical extracts in 

 Complex Macromarine 5®. 

Chosen documented and resourceful extracts aiding in skin health is what makes up GERI G.’s Macromarine 5®, seaweed has been created and nurtured from the sun and water.  Natural elements that are encapsulated into the seaweed and botanicals that are then released into the skin for therapeutic, preventative and healing therapy on going day and night whenever skin reboot is on the skin.  Lecithin and triglycerides are also naturally contained in the extracts that aid in having water –binding ability that soothes, moisturizes and protects the skin with anti-microbial layer, supporting the skin barrier function of the skin.

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