Day 2: REBOOT During Quarantine - Get Yourself Set up for a Productive Day

Day 2: REBOOT During Quarantine - Get Yourself Set up for a Productive Day

Bring structure to your day with some easy to follow rituals.

Morning Rituals for body and mind:

1. Body A.M. Begin your day with flushing out toxins with a tall glass of water or warm water and lemon.  Follow with sipping on water throughout the morning.

Tip: Supplements and Elixirs are great in the morning to help your body manage the stress that the day may bring.  Everyone can benefit from B12 or a B complex and CoQ10.  Follow with house cleaning and laundry and if you can squeeze in 20 minutes of continuous exercise (doesn't have to be crazy hard) your body will detox and feel energized the rest of the day

2. Energy A.M. Having a structured day helps with stress.  It relieves some of the uncertainty of being in quarantine.  There are some other actions that can help you with energy like good protein.  Protein helps keep your insulin levels down, keeps you feeling satisfied and helps prevent highs and lows from low blood sugar.

Tip: Vegan Protein Powders are great early in the day because they can be easily mixed with vegan milk or put into pancakes, muffin mix as long as your pre-made mixes are on the healthy side.  Protein is the key to helping your liver burn triglycerides. 

Skin A.M. Treating your skin in the morning should be invigorating to the skin.  One way to do that at home is to add a little peppermint to your face wash.  The menthol helps to invigorate and wake up the skin and also helps to reduce pore size with the increased oxygen and blood flow. Men especially love it after a shave but women too will love how it feels on the skin.  It feels like you have a cool breeze on the skin for hours.

FYI-1/2- 1 drop of peppermint oil to your cleanser or face mask.  Sensitive skin should use very sparingly.  If irritation occurs discontinue and especially avoid the eyes at all times.





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