Reduce Packaging Waste

Reduce Packaging Waste

Packaging has a huge impact on the environment and with only 14% of plastic being recycled we have to start taking other measures to ensure that we are doing our part.  We have omitted secondary packaging.  We have implemented recyclable and recycled primary packaging policy in 2018.

How many times have you purchased a new cosmetic, skincare or grooming product that was sold in a box, that you came home with opened it and then threw out the box out because you didn’t want the clutter or find the need to keep the box.

The waste of disposable products that the beauty and grooming industry is contributing to is a shame.  Secondary packaging is simply used to put more marketing and sales material on and for the product to have better positioning power of a cosmetic shelf.  The illusion that the buyer is getting more for their money is sometimes also the reason for products to be put in boxes.

Why not offer the same information that is typically on a box but on a ‘stay with you” informational card and or tag that accompanies the product at purchase.  Its better for the environment and its better for the customer because they have something to keep that doesn’t take up any space and it contains valuable information like ingredients and instructions that should be held on to and not tossed in the garbage with the secondary packaging made of plastic or paper.

The Pitfalls of Packaging

Packaging can cause waste, which negatively hurts the environment in more ways than one:

  •  Natural resources can be reduced (including water and oil).
  • Too much energy needed to produce wasteful packaging that results in emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Litter, litter, litter, what do we really need the box for?

GERI G. as a company is demanding more from itself, supporting the environment by not participating in the norm of secondary packaging. We are stronger in numbers and if more of us demand and follow through on our commitment to keep packaging simple, useful, multi-use products in one container and no outer packaging - WOW we can really have a movement.

Renewable and/or recyclable materials can be the norm if we all strive for it in our everyday lives and the products that we use to support our lifestyle.

Estimates are telling us that a suggested 4 billion pounds of waste may be eliminated between 2005 and 2020.

The Benefits of Reduced Packaging

Benefits of conscious packaging:

 Less in landfills, less in air, water and soil pollution from emissions, carbon emissions, and less use of our natural resources on earth.

Less packaging equals less costs for you, the consumer.  Pay for what is inside your primary packaging component not the fluff that is on the outside trying to make it seem larger or more than what may be inside.

You, the consumer holds the power.  Choose products and support brands that are using recyclable, compostable and re-usable packaging.

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