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Mix the Geri G. Way with Skin Reboot

Simplify Your Life by using Skin Reboot® to mix custom colors and products perfect for your individual skin!

 Can you imagine that a skincare product can actually change your life by giving you back precious time and money just by using it!  One product that knows no boundaries is skin reboot by Geri G.

  • Gone are the days of purchasing single use products that promise the world but never work for you or your skin.
  • Gone are the days of hoping that your skin care and cosmetics could be easier to use and more cost effective.
  • Gone are the days of having to set aside 30 minutes or more to prep and put on makeup.

All that changes once you discover how the patented formula in skin reboot helps you and your skin live better and in harmony with your lifestyle on your time and with your budget!

Initially skin reboot was invented to perfect the skin before applying makeup.  It wasn’t until the visual affects were seen when skin reboot was combined with cosmetics that we realized it was more than just a moisturizer and primer.

It instantly enhanced and transformed the skin, but it also instantly transformed the cosmetics and any skincare products it was mixed with as well!

Because skin reboot can be mixed with anything without breaking or separating, it helps expand and enhance ones’ skincare and cosmetic arsenal.  It’s a game changer because now men and women can use it as a simple one step moisturizer both day and night and as a “mixer” to be combined with any cosmetic. 

Yes, men like to look great too but they don’t want makeup to look noticeable especially in the daylight.  So when a little concealer is called for to get some dark circles under control or a blemish to disappear.  Skin reboot combined with or underneath seamless concealer and or seamless foundation will do the trick.


Mixing with skin reboot can be done both on and off the skin.  The easiest way to “mix” is by using it all over the face including eyebrows, lips and lashes, before applying makeup.  If you choose to mix it off the skin to create a new color or consistency, mix a small size amount of skin reboot with the same amount of cosmetics and apply as usual.  Here are some ideas to get you ‘mixing”! The combinations are limitless. 

Mixer #1 - skin reboot with glow illuminzer 

A “real” natural glow is achieved when you use Geri G. glow and skin reboot!

glow (satin pearl finish-one color fits all) with skin reboot to give your skin a tight look, nothing compares to highlighting the face, neck and chest!  This mixer combination is the ultimate moisturizing illuminator for creating a soft, sheer, luminous glow. A must have if you want to boost youthfulness without that artificial shiny, heavy finish.

Mixer #2 - skin reboot with b3 mascara and eye shadow

Mix skin reboot with b3 mascara and your favorite eye shadow to create endless eyeliner and mix to the consistency and color intensity that you want.  For those like me who prefer a softer more smokey eye look-

Day- brown eye shadow work beautifully to create a sheer veil of color from lash line to mid eyelid without looking to dark and over done.
Night- greys, blues, purples, black all will do.  Great time to combine jewel tones and sparkles if you’re feeling it.

Colored Mascara- Mix skin reboot with b3 mascara and any bright eye shadow to create colored mascara.  This technique is one that makes skin reboot and our b3 formula so unique!  Watch how you can create the most interesting and brilliant looking eyes on your own with no glue, no hassles and no expense!

Mixer #3 - Custom Eye Shadow

 Mix skin reboot with any eye shadow to create a “new” color.  To create a creamy eye shadow use skin reboot mixed with any one of Geri G. seamless concealers.  Add eye shadow to the mix and give the lids a flawless clean finish in seconds without having to apply anything else! Did I mention that it will last all day long?

Mixer #4 - Hydrating under eye concealer

Add skin reboot to any seamless concealer and your under eye area will instantly be more hydrated and nourished, helping the skin trap in much needed moisture while at the same time giving you the confidence that you look natural and well rested.

Mixer #5 - Creating a Creamy Blush

Revive your dry or cracked pan blushes instantly! Mix a pinch of you blush with a pinch of skin reboot and watch how the powder has more vibrancy and creaminess!  Customize the consistency with the amount of skin reboot you use.  The more you mix in, the creamier the consistency. Go crazy and combine your bronzer, blush and skin reboot together super charged look.

 Mixer #6 - Instant Tinted Moisturizer

Customize for coverage.  On days that you want to have a much lighter feel on the skin but still want the skin to look even and healthy.  Mix foundation with skin reboot in equal parts for an instant “tinted” moisturizer.

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