Creating Better Choices with GERI G.® Beauty.  TRANSCEUTICAL® Living recipe Vegan Raw Skinny Truffles

Creating Better Choices with GERI G.® Beauty

vegan plant based essential daily meal replacement with myHMB essential muscle renew helps create better choices for quick protein snack.Creating better choices sounds easy but I've learned that you have to  understand what's behind a choice first.  Asking yourself if it will make its way into your life as a habit and healthy choice.  We all want the best for ourselves,  with better choices that lead us to a better life.

Great intentions don't equal change. Not from lack of desire or dedication but because of the wrong information and interpretation.  Learning what your body needs nutritionally will allow you to think better, move better and eat better.  All will lead to a better you!. 

You have power and mastery over your world when you know the cause and effect of every choice you make. I feel the most important choice is learning how to make better choices when it comes to nutrition-it affects every aspect of you life.  Do you have stuffy days when you feel like ugh? Do you have a headache when you have a big event coming up?.  Is your skin looking sluggish or breaking out?  Are your muscles weak and your body feeling slow? 

The question of how to de-age the body is not a vanity issue. Its a health issue-question.  What we see in the mirror should be a reflection of how we  feel about how health. We all know there is room to evolve. The body does it everyday.  What we fuel our cells with and the choices we make each day, will be a determining factor of how we age. That is why creating better choices is crucial to TRANSCEUITCAL® LIVING.

Lets start with an easy, simple tip.  Protein at every meal.  Without protein the body can not give you what you desire-youth from the inside out.  As a result you must be ready and be prepared to have protein with every snack and meal at all times.  When you feel like snacking and stress or nerves are making your brain tell you to eat carbs. Eat protein instead-it's your savor!

Adding protein to every meal is crucial to keeping your muscles, skin and bones youthful.  Protein comes from many sources and whatever your choices for protein may be, make sure that you are getting balanced amino acids.  In GERI G.® essential daily meal we use several plant based sources to achieve a wide variety of aminos.  Brown Rice Protein, Sunflower Protein, Flaxseed Protein, Rice Bran Solubles and 11 Sprouted Legumes, all contribute to the balanced amino acids.

The second part to having protein is ensuring that the protein is broken down properly to create and maintain lean muscles.  GERI G.® EMR- essential muscle renew is a proprietary formula that is taken with any source of protein for muscle development.  Unlike other wellness and weightless programs, GERI G. TRANSCEUTICVAL Living wellness products allow for the holistic approach to weightloss, muscle tone/development, bone density and insulin balance.  

The combination of both EDM and EMR will help you to start reconstructing your body, mind and habits from the inside out. The sheer ability to enhance and build muscle mass without stress on the body is pure bliss.  Imagine not having stressful workouts just to find out that you are only burning sugar and not fat!  Causing your body to want more carbohydrates because of your stressful workout.  Be kind to the body and treat it with love.  Leave the crazy workout to professional athletes and enjoy gentle movement and leisurely walks at a normal pace to ensure that the body burns fat and not sugar.

essential daily meal and essential muscle renew  help you achieve the right balance and absorption of protein, lower sugar cravings, bone density support from calcium and Vitamin D.  All in a low calorie, high protein, high fiber, low sugar meal. 

 Meals come in all different varieties to enjoy.  Sometime have truffles for lunch might be just what you need! Lets start a  Enjoy the easy to make raw skinny truffles to have on hand anytime you want a "pop" of goodness and confidence knowing that you are creating better choices today to make tomorrow even better!

RAW Skinny Protein Truffles

1 serving of Organic Essential Daily Meal 1/2 cup
1 serving of MyHMB Essential Muscle Renew
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon of MonkFruit or any non sugar natural alternative
1/2 cup of 75% or more Chocolate Chips of Bar
2 tablespoons of Water or Coconut Milk or any non dairy liquid
1.Mix in a food processor or blender until creamy or chunky which every you prefer. 
2.Remove raw dough and roll into balls and enjoy for on the go. 
3. Enjoy anytime.
EDM-organic essential daily meal certified by QAI
195 calories
18 g plant protein, 6 g flax fiber, 7 g plant based fat, 3 sugar from carrot, 20 vitamins and minerals and 11 sprouted legumes.
No egg,  No soy, No GMO, No whey, No Pea
EMR-myHMB muscle management and development support
0 calories
Calcium 420 mg, Vitamin D 20mcg, Chromium 150mcg, Prohydrolase® 180mg  
** Remember the only added sugar is from the chocolate, so make it “skinny” as to not to raise your insulin levels.  These easy to make nutritional treats give you protein, low insulin carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, protein enzymes and are perfect anytime of the day!!


Mix, Roll and Eat!
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