Weak Foods that Cause Damage To Your Skin

Weak Foods that Cause Damage To Your Skin

What are weak foods, and why should you care? 

Weak Foods are sugary carbohydrates that are extremely low in minerals, which cause damage to the tissues of the body by increasing inflammation and irritation in the body.  Weak Foods can cause an unhealthy desire for high sugar foods (empty carbs). They attack the collagen molecules responsible for keeping the skin tight, wrinkle, and saggy-free! These foods are like little Pac Man eating at the cells, especially the skin cells. 



Symptoms of Weak Food Consumption

What exactly happens to the skin, in particular, when you eat weak foods?

  • Skin coloring diminishes.
  • Ashy, dull weakened skin appears.
  • Skin becomes puffy and inflamed. 
  • Hyperpgmentation/ Brown Spots


What happens internally to the body from ingesting weak foods? Excess carbohydrates rob the pancreas, adrenals, and bones of crucial and necessary minerals.  If mineral absorption is not achieved every day, there will be a destruction of the immune system through the body. When you start to see symptoms within the skin, you can be sure it has happened throughout all cells. 

Sugary carbohydrates destroy and leach the daily minerals from your body. Essential minerals such as chromium picolinate, zinc, sulfur, vanadium, and calcium are affected.  This condition leads to the tissues' acidity.

The results can be felt internally with aching muscles and bones, gastric irritation, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid issues. The skin becomes thin, dry, and loses its firmness to the touch.


One of the other concerns that we always address when it comes to weak foods is the reduction of vitamin B.  Carbohydrates are broken down with B vitamins' help. Therefore with higher intake levels of bad carbohydrates, you are lowering your levels of B vitamins.

B vitamins are crucial to intake every day to help the body deal with stress. If you eat sugary carbohydrates, you are depleting your body of one of its strongest soldiers against cell destruction. As well as increasing symptoms like wrinkles and dry skin.

 As an esthetician, I can tell a lot by what someone is eating or not eating when I look at their skin.  Weak food, even fruit, can and will cause damage to the cells.  When I see age spots and liver spots on the skin, I can tell that sugar and collagen have collided many times, causing a “browning effect.” This is one of the hardest skin issues to treat, and it can be avoided by eliminating high sugary foods.

The good news is that you can turn that damage around by eliminating the weak foods in your diet.


What Should I Eat

I'm not suggesting that you never eat fruit again or eat a piece of bread or a cracker.

Still, I will admit that I would prefer the fruit to be berries or an apple (low sugar fruits) and the bread and crackers to always be sprouted (eliminates the sugar bonds and releases the natural digestive enzymes for better digestion).  

Transitioning off of sugary carbohydrates can be achieved by knowing what to replace them with. Eat close to nature and unrefined. The below choices do have naturally occurring sugars, but they also contain an abundance of minerals and fiber.

Sugary Natural Carbs
-Raspberries- low sugar, high fiber
-Green Apples-low sugar, high fiber
-Yams / Sweet Potatoes
(These have half the sugar as regular potatoes and are twice as high in minerals)

Like anything in your daily food routine, just because it's good for you does not mean you can eat endless amounts of it. Food is fuel, nutrition for energy- to run on all day long.  


Put Down Those Chips 👎

Before you reach for those weak sugary foods like a banana or potato chips-get some green veggies in you first, like broccoli, kale, spinach, celery, romaine. You need alkaline foods every day to break the sugar habit regardless of where they are coming from.

Fruit is great in the middle of the afternoon as a little pick me up.
Having sweet potatoes with a salad or subbing in for regular mashed potatoes at dinner is an easy way to start making healthier changes!!



Eat Healthy! Feel Great! Look Even Better!

- Geri G.



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