Autumn harvest is in full swing and there is nothing better or (better for you!) than a fresh picked apple. Whether you are looking for a quick pick me up or using it in one of your favorite dishes apples are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and fiber making them a nutritional secret weapon. I love apples, not only because they taste great, but they also improve digestion, lower Inflammation, improve heart health and help manage your weight. How can you not "eat an apple a day" with those benefits?

 While there are some amazing health benefits to eating apples, there are also some incredible benefits to your skin as well. Apples are an excellent source for reducing cellulite for both men and women. Apples are full of pectin, a phytochemical that works with the body's Immune and detoxification systems. I view cellulite as a dumping site for processed foods and pollution in your body. The pectin detoxifies the digestive track which in turn cleans up the dump site, ultimately improving your cellulite. See apples really do feed your skin!

While there are a million ways to eat apples, I prefer just biting into a crisp, juicy apple. I admire them as medicinal fruit, allowing my body to absorb the nutrients and use them efficiently. I also enjoy slicing a few pieces and putting them in water with ginger to enjoy the gentle balancing benefits to my digestive system in the morning.  Eating apples frequently is great for your health but remember they are quite acidic and can have damaging effects on your teeth. Brush afterwards or rinse your mouth with water to avoid any acidic residue on your teeth that may lead to tooth decay.

Autumn is the season for apples so stop by your local farmers market, CSA or orchard to pick up your favorite variety of organic apples and feed your skin the benefits of this overlooked fruit gem!

 Nutrition Information:

    • Quercetin (one of the antioxidants found abundantly in apples) is one of the compounds that helps to reduce cell death that leads to oxidative and inflammation in the body.
    • Antioxidant from Vitamin C
    • B-complex (riboflavin, thiamin and B-6
    • Rich in Polyphenolic, that help the body fight free radicals.
    • Rich in minerals calcium, potassium and phosphorus. 
    • Helps the brain and the body feel satisfied, which helps to reduce hunger and over eating that leads to other health problems like obesity.


Energy - 52 kcal

Carbohydrates - 13.81 g

Fat - 0.17 g

Protein - 0.26 g

Water - 85.56 g

Sodium - 1 mg

Beta-carotene - 27 μg

Lutein and zeaxanthin - 29 μg

Thiamin (vitamin B1) - 0.017 mg

Vitamin A equiv - 3 μg

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) - 0.026 mg

Niacin (vitamin B3) - 0.091 mg

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) - 0.061 mg

Vitamin B6 - 0.041 mg

Folate (vitamin B9) - 3 μg

Vitamin C - 4.6 mg

Vitamin E - 0.18 mg

Vitamin K - 2.2 μg

Calcium - 6 mg

Iron - 0.12 mg

Magnesium - 5 mg

Manganese - 0.035 mg

Phosphorus - 11 mg

Potassium - 107 mg

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