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Let Geri help you achieve your best self starting today with her signature coaching program "whatever the mind can see the body can achieve".  She will guide you to a healthier path, while encouraging you as you work towards your goals in health and wellness. Geri will work with you based on your unique dynamics, she will create custom, personalized strategies for all your health needs including: skin care routine, food program and lifestyle changes.  As a Reboot client you will also receive Geri's exclusive Essential daily Meal Plan, available only to Reboot clients.

What you can expect during REBOOT 4 week coaching program:

1.  Personalized Goal Plan designed specifically around your health and wellness desires.

2.  Skin, Health and Wellness plan designed after reviewing history of daily nutritional patterns and lifestyle factors.

3.  Nutritional formula computed and used to help formulate meals with correct percentages per individual needs.

4.  How to use the ESSENTIAL MEAL in daily regime.

5.  Daily email check in with Q&A

6.  7 day, 14 day 21 day and 30 day progress reviews

7. Transceutical® Wellness is included in the GERI G. Method which included recommendations on skin supporting foods, metabolism boosters with liver and lymphatic detox.

8. 4 week Supply Essential Meal ($152 value)


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