eye job  serum/cream duo

eye job serum/cream duo

eye job transceutical® eye duo is a two step process that targets multiple signs of aging around the eyes. 

Step 1 is a serum that visibly soothes and helps to tighten tired skin, especially those who suffer from puffy tired eyes and dark circles.  The perfect blend of peptides and hyaluronic acid instantly aid and help the delicate skin start to repair.

Step 2  is a powerful light moisturizer that helps to fight fatigue, dryness and aging of the eyes. It visibly helps dry skin soak up vital moisture for a visibly plump, smooth and refreshed appearance.with. The two step complete eye rejuvenation is an eye opener" and unlike anything you have ever used before.


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What’s Inside

Using the right, supportive products on your skin will help it stay hydrated, receive oxygen and absorb nutrients effectively. The ingredients chosen for Geri G products are designed to protect your body’s largest organ, giving your skin key nutrients and creating a natural moisture barrier day and night. Scroll over the images below to see how each of these key ingredients deliver lasting results.