Geri giving consultation

Find out what your skin symptoms are telling you about your overall health and wellness. Schedule a one-hour consultation with Geri, then explore options for how you can help your body rejuvenate itself from within.


When Booking This Appointment Please Choose Either An Online Session or An In Person Visit At Our Studio In Franklin Tennessee

The Geri G. Method


"Geri G has completely changed my life - in every sense of the phrase. I wish I could even begin to tell you the amount of time that she has invested in helping me to improve my health on every level imaginable. As such a genuine person, she has strong and steadfast ideals which translate into both the care that she gives to her clients as well as the products that she creates.

She realizes that every single client is completely unique, and because of that she tries to gain a profound understanding of each person’s own self while conducting her treatments so that she can help adapt his or her skincare regimen, lifestyle, and nutrition on a deep level. Geri has the most complex comprehension of how internal and external factors impact the skin and has guided me as my skin and its needs have changed countless times during our time together.

Geri’s beautifully curated potions are unlike any others that I have tested and compared because she truly understands the skin inside and out and has used that knowledge to develop serums, lotions, cleansing balms, and on to fit every combination of skincare needs. I always come back to her line, even when trying new products that have hit the market, because of the care that she puts into creating products that actually have the strength and quality of ingredients that so many other brands only promise but do not always deliver.

Geri has made it her mission to improve the lives of each person that she touches - literally and metaphorically -and I cannot say enough about her integrity and how it is so very evident in the skincare and beauty lines that she has spent years creating and will never stop perfecting." -Shanna Khan