3 Foods You Need EVERYDAY To Heal Your Skin

We spend so much energy and money trying every new product on the market in an effort to find the fountain of youth and look our best. Meanwhile we overlook the simple but crucial solutions related to what we eat. Putting that same energy into getting the right nutrients everyday will not only make you look your best on the outside, but will also allow your body to function it’s best on the inside.

Here are my 3 MUST HAVE’s to be your best every day and look your best for years to come.

Why What You Eat Is As Important To Your Skin Health As What You Put On Your Skin

Foods can manipulate the balance of hormones in your body, which in return changes the chemistry of your skin.  It can change your cells, muscle tissue, bone mass, hydration and texture. All of these contribute to how you look and feel.  Human Growth Hormone, known as HGH, is the de-ager hormone in your body for both men and women.  Good News – You can increase HGH naturally. Take these 4 simple actions for an immediate impact on improving your HGH levels!

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