Meet Geri G.

Geri Giagnorio - Geri G. Beauty

Why Geri G?

The aesthetician that Hollywood elite’s see and refer to as their best kept secret.   Geri Giagnorio is unlike most aestheticians.  She is not just about giving the best facial imaginable but she also is a holistic practitioner that coaches clients on diet and lifestyle.   As the expert that understands how facials have the ability to heal, correct and improve the skin. Geri has high expectations for herself and her clients.  It is nothing less than healthy, vibrant, glowing skin.  Where perfection is the expectation Geri prides herself on the relationship she has with clients.  The trust and respect she has earned from achieving results is never taken for granted.

Geri began her career as a licensed aesthetician in Chicago where she built her practice.  Always searching for the most up to date machines and techniques for advancing skin therapies.  Geri was one of the first aestheticians in the US to use LED Light Therapy for  facial rejuvenation.  Geri received her credentials as a makeup artist in Los Angeles while working with key makeup artist.  It was her work on photo shoots that lead Geri to create a product that she needed on location but it had yet to be invented. Geri created her patent pending 4 in 1 makeup primer, moisturizer, mixer and night crème all in one.  Developed to enhance all skin types to create a smooth and nourished canvas while at the same time helping the skin achieve better nutrients and conditioners which resulted in better and longer wearing makeup. Geri’s work and her products have walked the red carpet for the Golden Globes, American Music Awards, Grammy’s and the Academy Awards.  Geri has also had the pleasure to work on some of Hollywood’s most talented both behind and in front of the camera.   

As Geri’s practice grew while working with A-list celebrities a second GERI G. office was opened in West Hollywood, CA.  Geri went on to be featured in Us Magazine, People Magazine, New Beauty Magazine as well as being featured on EXTRA, E!News and The Meredith Vieira Show  for both her services and cosmetics.

Geri developed her own signature style of doing facials.  A strategic sequencing of anti-aging products, machines, Japanese massage techniques and personalized nutritional counseling.   As a certified holistic practitioner and nutritional coach Geri has helped plastic , surgeons and dermatologist with clients that require specific therapeutic facials and after surgery care.

All of Geri’s facials including the celebrity favorite Intraceuticals® Oxygen Infusion facial leave all clients red carpet ready.   To be a client of Geri’s is something special.  Geri is a private aesthetician with no other associates.  Clients walk in with a sense of relaxation because they know the minute they walk in the door they are about to experience a peaceful, private one on one facial with no distractions, no interruptions.

In 2013, Geri launched her skin care, cosmetic and nutritional line exclusive to Drawing from years of working with so many different clients and professionals Geri used her expertise as well as what she desired as a consumer to create a line that filled a void in the marketplace.  GERI G. Beauty 6 Products, 6 minutes, 1 Brush cosmetic collection, Skin Essentials and Nutritionals.

New for GERI G. clients in 2017 is a weekend retreat getaway at her newest location in Nashville, TN.  Geri has created another private location for her clients to visit and receive her signature treatments as well as one-on-one cooking lessons, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  All of that plus a private trainer and concierge service available as well.   Geri also includes private accommodations for a total retreat experience.