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Essential Muscle-Renew

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GERI G. essential muscle renew is a breakthrough for anyone who wanted to know the mystery behind how to create lean muscle mass, have optimal protein absorption and improve the performance of the body in its capability to restore and renew muscle strength naturally.

MyHMB with vitamin D is the only natural combination of nutrients that helps stop the muscle loss in the body that can happen due to injury, inactivity, age and disease.  It is incredible because it stimulates the body to make protein and decrease protein breakdown.  

essential muscle-renew helps to promote and preserve healthy muscle tissue and function one day at a time. It offers MyHMB, a bioactive amino acid leucine,  vitamin D3 that helps the body maintain muscle mass, and create the building blocks of strength and sustained muscle function. At any age, you can benefit from essential muscle-renew and begin your journey into TRANSCEUTICAL® Living.  WE recommend taking it with GERI G. essential daily meal or any beverage or protein replacement.

What’s In essential muscle renew?

MyHMB® with vitamin D3 and Calcium will improve your muscle tissue health when taken on a daily basis.

With myHMB, people of all ages and activity levels can:

Prohydrolase® is an enzyme supplement that is designed to digest protein better to build muscle when used as an ingredient in protein meal replacements and protein supplements.

Chromium Piconlinate helps to stop muscle loss and increase muscle regeneration.

  • stimulates the body to make protein and decrease protein breakdown

  • helps to Improve muscle function, even without exercise.

  • helps to reduce insulin fluctuations that cause sugar cravings.


How to use:

Mix one scoop into 8 oz of protein containing beverage.  Shake and drink.

Caution for those with health concerns:

Vitamin D3 and Calcium in essential muscle renew are daily supplemenst.  Those individuals with high blood calcium levels should not exceed a 10000 Vitamin D3 a day.  Consult with your physician before starting any new supplement. Blood tests are always recommended to know your levels of Vitamin D and Calcium.  These are two crucial supplements that especially can help and support the body’s bone and muscle mass.  Get your POWER back-own your health by knowing your levels!

    For best results with exercise:

    Take essential muscle renew an hour before exercise or, if you are unable to take essential muscle renew prior to exercise, take a dose immediately after your workout or training session with protein or with GERI G. essential daily meal powder. 

    * Geri adds essential muscle renew directly into her essential daily meal at lunch time  with 8 oz of non-dairy milk.  Geri Prefers any unsweetened pea protein milk for added benefits of amino acids and easy digestion.

    ** In a pinch and you need to get in your essential muscle renew? Add it to with 8 oz of non dairy milk.  For added sweetness add a non sugar, natural sweetener. You can add it it to cereal or as long as you have protein included, like a pea protein milk.

    Key Benefits

    • Supports maintenance of lean muscle mass
    • Promotes digestion of proteins & nutrients
    • Transports essential amino acids to muscles
    • Assists in maintaining stable sugar levels

    How to Use

    Directions:Mix one(1) scoop with8oz. of any liquid, preferably with GERIG.® essential daily meal replacement OR any protein powder.
    *MUST be taken with protein Drink one shake a day or as recommended by a health care practitioner.

    Geri G. Says

    Add essential muscle renew to eswential daily meal AND experience the change in your body in how it looks and feels. Muscle development and susstainability is need in All skeletal muscles. You will notice having the Prohydralase to help breakdown the protein that you inget will all ow for better absorption of nutrients and the vitamin D and calcium will support your body in it's quest for optimal muscle renewal.

    Ingredient List

    MyHMB®, Vitamin D, Chromium, ProHydrolase, Stevia, Natural Vanilla Flavor, guar gum, sodium citrate

    Customer Reviews

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    Kimberly Abdallah
    Essential Muscle-Renew is a must do

    Recovery becomes more important and necessary as you age. The essential Muscle-Renew is the only product that actually works for me. I love it!