Micro Bamboo Wash Cloth

Micro Bamboo Wash Cloth

The only thing that you should use to wash your skin with.

Micro-Bamboo Wash Cloths by GERI G. 

The bamboo charcoal component of this textile gives it absorption properties that reduce moisture, inhibit bacteria, and eliminate odor. This technology, which has been used for centuries in Asia, is also known as "ionic therapy."

Hand wash with gentle soap and lay out to dry near sunlight.  Dries quickly.



  • Gentle On The Skin
  • Lifts Dirt And Makeup Easily From The Skin When Used Instead Of A Typical Wash Cloth
  • Washes Easily With Soap And Water
  • Air Dry In Sunlight To Activate Anti Bacterial Properties

Apply and massage in cleanser. Wet bamboo cloth with warm water. Gently use bamboo cloth to remove makeup. Rinse residue off and air dry in sunlight.

What you wash you skin with is important. Our bamboo cloth is extremely gentle and most effective at collecting all traces of dirt and product from the skin. It eliminates the use of abrasive cloths / fibers.

Anti Bacterial Micro Bamboo