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Master "M" Brush

The answer to using ONE brush for your entire makeup application: Foundation-Concealer-Contour-Blush-Eyeshadow

Designed exclusively by GERI G. this brush is made to make your life easier and your skin healthier.   Two sided angle is designed to apply and blend effortlessly.
Use for applying foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow! All in one application without having to switch brushes in between.

Clean with Makeup Remover or Soap and Water.

VEGAN/Peta Friendly


  • Apply one pump of foundation to the flat side of the brush. Blend into the skin with a stifling motion as you would with a sponge.
  • Apply concealer to the top (tip) of the brush and apply concealer as you normally would but using short strokes to apply to the eyelids, down the middle of the face (width of the brush head) around the mouth and the lip area for smoothing and softening of fine lines and any discoloration.
  • Apply eye and cheek powder using the tip of the brush for crease of the eye and fanning out the brush head for more contour in eyes , cheeks and jawline.
  • Apply blush with the flat side and using small circular motions at high points of the cheeks for depositing color and blending in.

The “m” brush replaces all the brushes that you may need to apply your makeup. When you use the “m” brush it gets conditioned along the way making your products blend better into the skin better, leaving a more natural look.

WASH your “m” brush after every use using plain soap and water on the brush head. Squeeze out the makeup under running water until there is no sign of makeup left on the brush

TIP: Always have a back up master brush for those just in case times when you forget to wash it or if you want a new brush for final buffing and powder setting.

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