Natural Beauty Eye Kit from Geri G. Beauty

Natural Beauty Eye Kit

Natural Beauty Eye Kit 

“The eyes are the fountain," says founder Geri Giagnorio. Geri developed the Natural Eye Kit because she was asked all the time by her clients to show them how to recreate at home what she did for them professionally. 

 Problems we solve with this kit:

  • Not knowing what colors to use for your eye color and eye shape
  • Not knowing how to get bigger full lashes without going through the hassle of applying false eyes
  • Not knowing what brow color to use or how to create a brow shape.


  • Skin Reboot
  • Eye and Cheek Powder
  • B3 Mascara
  • Brow Pencil - Universal Color

STEP 1 - Skin Reboot
Apply skin reboot to the entire eye area: eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes
STEP 2 – Eye & Cheek Powder
Apply TANSHIMMER powder from the duo sifter to the entire lid area and to under the lower lashes for more intensity.
STEP 3 – Eye & Cheek Powder
Apply the ORANGEPOP powder from the duo softer to the lower lid just above the upper lash line for a “pop” of color. This color may also be applied under the lower lash line for more warm tone skins that would benefit from a vibrant color against their tone
STEP 4 – B3 Mascara
Apply b3 mascara using the GERI G. b3 application method:

  • UPPER lashes: Keeping the eyes ¾ shut, using the ball end of the wand gently deposit the mascara onto the lash moving the wand to the outer lashes.
  • Next, using the comb of the wand going under the top lashes pulling up and through along the lashes line.
  • Follow with the ball end to get the inner and outer corners of the lashes exposed. The more you extend the lashes the bigger they get.
  • LOWER lashes: using the ball end to apply to the lower lashes creates instant separation and fullness.
  • Apply the comb to the lower lashes to get close to the lash line to create and INSTANT liner affect.

  • STEP 5 – One Brow for All
    Deposit color first to areas of the brow that have the least amount of hair and or color density. Using light strokes first to fill in and gradually press harder to deepen the color intensity.

  • Q-Tips or fine tip eye brush can be used to apply b3 mascara onto the lash line to be used as a liner. Mix b3 mascara skin reboot and any power of color to create a colored liner.
  • To create a smoky natural eye mix skin reboot and b3 mascara with any darker shade powder and apply from the lash line to mid eye and buff out to desired intensity.
  • Massive lashes can be achieved by applying a generous amount of skin reboot to the lashes both top and bottom to intensify and create bigger bolder lashes with b3 mascara.

What’s Inside

Using the right, supportive products on your skin will help it stay hydrated, receive oxygen and absorb nutrients effectively. The ingredients chosen for Geri G products are designed to protect your body’s largest organ, giving your skin key nutrients and creating a natural moisture barrier day and night. Scroll over the images below to see how each of these key ingredients deliver lasting results.


Naturally contains vital skin nutrients:

  • amino acids-peptides(proteins)
  • polyphenols
  • vitamins A, C and E (anti oxidants and skin support)
  • minerals / micro nutrients
  • omega 3nd 7 fatty acids (anti inflammatory)
  • polysaccharides (immune system)
  • natural moisturizing skin barrier
  • collagen and elastin

Hyaluronic Acid

Water–binding ingredient for the skin that helps fill in spaces between collagen and elastin fibers within the skin, helps to provide long lasting hydration.

Vitamin E

Natural moisturizer, free radical scavenger (antioxidant), skin smoother.

Camellia Oleifera

Antioxidant that is very moisturizing to the skin.