Eye Brightening Kit - Geri G. Beauty

Eye Brightening Kit


When you mix glow with the rest of your GERI G collection your skin instantly gets a lite from within.  Mixing your colors from your eye/cheek powder and glow create a luminess eye.  seamless concealer and glow on the eyelids and under eye area instantly create a glossy look that reflects and deflects our tiny imperfections, while at the same time brightening the eye and B3 mascara opens the eye area no matter how small, close set, wide set or if you just don’t think you have the skill set to wear a highlighted high.


  • Glow
  • Seamless Concealer - choose from light, medium or warm
  • Eye & Cheek Powder
  • B3 Mascara
Concealer Color
Light Concealer
Medium Concealer
Warm Concealer

Glow is so easy to use with all your products in your kit.

Apply Glow first to the entire eye area including the under-eye area.

Apply TANSHIMMER to the entire eyelid.

Mix together ORANGE AND glow together to give a soft shimmer to the eyelid above the upper lash line.

Mix concealer and glow together and apply the inner corners of the eye and under the brow bone to give a luminess/highlighting effect and to open the eyes, especially if you have close set eyes.

B3 mascara is applied to the top and bottom lashes making sure to get in the inner corners of the eyes for big, bolder lashes. Use the ball end of the applicator wand to create fuller lashes by pulling upwards with the wand to separate and define the lashes.

  • Master Brush is a great mixing tool when applying your products. Use the tip for the tiny areas like inner corner of the eyes and crease of the eyelid and brow bone.
  • Create a shimmering bronzer by mixing together glow and TANSHIMMER powder together. Apply as a bronzer and eye shadow.
  • Mix together b3 Mascara and glow for a soft smudged liner at the lash line with a brush your clean fingers for a smudged buffed look. Building depth to the eye and making it appear bigger.

What’s Inside

Using the right, supportive products on your skin will help it stay hydrated, receive oxygen and absorb nutrients effectively. The ingredients chosen for Geri G products are designed to protect your body’s largest organ, giving your skin key nutrients and creating a natural moisture barrier day and night. Scroll over the images below to see how each of these key ingredients deliver lasting results.


Naturally contains vital skin nutrients:

  • amino acids-peptides(proteins)
  • polyphenols
  • vitamins A, C and E (anti oxidants and skin support)
  • minerals / micro nutrients
  • omega 3nd 7 fatty acids (anti inflammatory)
  • polysaccharides (immune system)
  • natural moisturizing skin barrier
  • collagen and elastin

Hyaluronic Acid

Water–binding ingredient for the skin that helps fill in spaces between collagen and elastin fibers within the skin, helps to provide long lasting hydration.

Sea Buckthorne

Healing extract that protects the skin from free radical damage and naturally contains anti-agers. High dose of vitamins A, E &C. Great for all skins but especially for those suffering from dry skin and iritations.

Organic Shea Butter

Natural moisturizer, healer and helps to protect against dehydration and pollution damage.