Day 4: REBOOT During Quarantine: TIP OF THE DAY-Categorize, Organize and Downsize

Apr 29 , 2020

 Categorize, Organize and Downsize.  A process that I do and coach others to do when deciding that today is the day that things are going to be different.

You can apply C.O.D. to almost anything in your life. Whatever it may be. Try and apply these three simple principles when taking action .

Questions to ask yourself.


          Is it a Need?

         What is the Functionality?

         Does it serve a Purpose that is worthy? 


        Do I need it-




3. Downsize:  

       Can I Live Without it?

       Do I Really Want it?

       How does it make me feel?

Closests, makeup drawer, garages, kitchen cabinets, junk drawer, linen closest, laundry room, exercise room etc.. Attack it!

It was this approach that gave me the idea for my 6 Minutes 6 Products 1 Brush®  I said to myself, "I have too much makeup and brushes, I don't need it all.  I decided what I really wanted was to simplify my routine and use only what works and is easy. Thus 6 6 1 was born! 

You can Categorize, Organize and Downsize just about anything.  Don't try to be an overachiever. One task a day.  Soon you'll be guilt free to enjoy and appreciate the most important things in your life that passed the C.O.D test!

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